Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chile earthquake caught on CCTV as death toll rises


Strong earthquake hits Chile, Tsunami warning issued in region

Obama Offers Condolences to Chile

Video of Chile aftermath, quake witnesses, Hawaii tsunami siren alerts

American in Chile: the TV Went Flying

American tourist Cynthia Iacono says she was awakened by the earthquake that rocked Chile and adds the lamp and television in her room flew to the floor...

California under tsunami advisory

LOS ANGELES – California warned its coastal cities to prepare for possible tsunami waves following a deadly magnitude-8.8 earthquake off the coast of Chile.
A tsunami advisory was issued for the coast of California and an Alaskan coastal area from Kodiak to Attu islands....

Raw Video 8.8-magnitude Earthquake Hits Chile

Chile Rocked by Massive Earthquake

Asia braces for tsunami after Chile quake

An image generated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center shows the projected tsunami travel times following a 8.8-magnitude earthquake that rocked Chile early February 27, 2010. A massive magnitude-8.8 earthquake struck south-central Chile early on Saturday, triggering a tsunami and rattling buildings in the capital Santiago. (REUTERS/NOAA/Handout)
TOKYO – Wide swaths of the south Pacific, Asia and Australia braced for a tsunami after a devastating earthquake hit the coast of Chile on Saturday.Officials in Japan and Australia warned a tsunami from the earthquake was likely to hit Asian shorelines within 24 hours. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii issued a tsunami caution for areas across the region.
"Sea-level readings confirm that a tsunami has been generated which could cause widespread damage," the center said in a bulletin after the magnitude-8.8 quake. "Authorities should take appropriate action to respond to this threat"...

Chile earthquake generates cross-Pacific tsunami

TOKYO – People in Hawaii were urgently told to protect lives and property from a tsunami crossing the Pacific as fast as a jetliner after a devastating earthquake in Chile.Tsunami waves were likely to hit Asian, Australian and New Zealand shores within 24 hours of the earthquake, which struck early Saturday on Chile's coast.Though notoriously hard to predict, the tsunami was not expected to be as devastating as the waves generated after a magnitude-9.5 earthquake hit Chile in 1960. Most countries, awaiting further data, did not order evacuations Saturday but instead advised people in low-lying areas to watch for further updates....

Coast Guard Asks Ships to Leave Hawaiian Ports

Ships trying to enter the port of Honolulu have been told to turn around, and any vessels now in the port are advised to leave ahead of a potential tsunami aimed at Hawaii, Chief Petty Officer Chad Saylor, a Coast Guard spokesman, told are clearing out the port so that emergency supplies and assistance will be able to easily get into the state if necessary.The Coast Guard has made contact with all large vessels in the area, including a cruise ship, to let them know about the advisory....

What Makes Tsunamis So Dangerous


Panic as Hawaii braces for possible tsunami

(CNN)Sirens sounded early Saturday morning across Hawaii, warning people of a possible tsunami and telling people to in coastal areas to evacuate.The sirens sounded at 6 a.m. local time (11 a.m. ET) to warn of a tsunami triggered by a 8.8 earthquake in Chile.The siren systems in each county are sounding to "to alert residents and visitors to evacuate coastal areas," Hawaii's Civil Defense Division said in a statement."Residents will be advised by their respective country civil defense or emergency management agencies to evacuate coastal areas."The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Honolulu said Hawaii was certain to see some effect from the earthquake...

Hawaii Officials Sound Sirens to Alert Coastal Residents to Evacuate Ahead of Potential Tsunami

Hawaiian authorities sounded sirens Saturday morning to alert residents to evacuate coastal areas ahead of a potential tsunami generated by a major earthquake that hit Chile.The sirens sounded through the pre-dawn dark on all Hawaii's islands at 6 a.m. (11 a.m. ET), alerting people in coastal areas of the need to retreat to higher ground.Waikiki's world-famous beaches were empty and tourists gathered in small groups on sidewalks. They will be evacuated to the third floor and above of hotels when the tsunami is projected to arrive around 11:19 a.m. (4:19 p.m. ET)....

State of Catastrophe Declared in Chile After Massive 8.8-Magnitude Quake

BREAKING NEWS-President Michele Bachelet declared a state of catastrophe in central Chile after a massive 8.8-magnitude earthquake struck early Saturday.The most powerful quake to hit the country in a half century cut electricity, water and phone lines to many areas, meaning there was no word of death or damage from many outlying areas.There have been conflicting reports on the death toll, with some placing the count as high as 122, a number Chilean officials expect to rise....