Sunday, April 5, 2009

6.3 MAG Quake Hist Central Italy:Reports Of People Trapped In Italy Quake

Epicentre was just over 50 miles northeast of Rome
Buildings have collapsed and people are reported to have been killed and trapped after an earthquake of 6.3 magnitude rocked central Italy.
The quake struck 53 miles northeast of Rome, according to the US Geological Survey.Some residents in the old town of l'Aquila, east of Rome in the mountainous Abruzzo region, ran out into the streets as buildings in the centre of the town collapsed.Journalist Nick Pisa told Sky News: "A students' halls of residence has collapsed and emergency services say people are trapped there."A church bell town has also collapsed.One local council member has described the centre of the town being strewn with rubble and masonry.He could hear people calling for help"He said he had been told that a man and a woman had been killed but that is unconfirmed."
'My House Started Shaking'
"People are being told not to go to the area - not to block the roads to the area."People in Rome were woken by the quake at 3.30am local time.Furniture rattled and car alarms went off.Sky News viewer John Murray, who lives 60 kilometres north of Rome, said: "My house started to shake-it went on for about 30 seconds.I ran outside.The dogs were making a terrific sound but everything seemed ok."I went back inside and the water and electricity was working. I haven't felt any aftershocks yet."Rafael Abreu, of the US Geological Survey, told Sky News the quake happened at 3.32am local time. "This is a significant earthquake," he said."This is a shallow quake but there is definitely a possibility of damage and even injuries."It is going to depend on what type of buildings are in the area. "We haven't had any information yet coming from the epicentre area."The quake was the latest and strongest in a series to hit the l'Aquila area on Sunday and Monday.Earthquakes can be particularly dangerous in parts of Italy where centuries-old buildings are left in disrepair.
As in the days of Noah..

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