Sunday, October 4, 2009

Indonesian earthquakes death toll expected to hit thousands as rescuers desperately dig through rubble for survivors

The epicentres of all three quakes are shown on this graphic
This graphic charts first the Samoan tsunami, then the first of the Indonesian earthquakes. The second Indonesian earthquake struck in the early hours of this morning
--Disasters across Pacific Ring of Fire as first a tsunami hits Samoa, then two earthquakes rock Indonesia
--Truckloads of dead being carted off Samoan beaches after tsunami
--Missing British boy, 2, believed dead after tsunami struck Samoa
--Samoan tsunami kills at least 149; Indonesian earthquakes kill 'up to 1,000'
Thousands of people are feared to have died after two powerful earthquakes rocked Indonesia.
Rescuers were frantically searching for survivors in the rubble caused by the two quakes in the province of Sumatra today - as, far to the west on the Pacific islands of Samoa, stunned residents were battling heat and floods to pull the bloated bodies of tsunami victims from the water
The devastating quakes came just hours after the powerful tsunami smashed into the Pacific islands of Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga.....

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