Friday, January 15, 2010

More bad days to come for Haiti, Bill Clinton warns

WASHINGTON-Former US president Bill Clinton warned Friday that more bad days were ahead for Haiti, as the impoverished Caribbean nation struggles to cope with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake."You may see some things in the next seven or 10 days that don't just tug at your heart strings but upset you," Clinton told Fox News, as bodies piled up in the streets of Port-au-Prince were left rotting in the tropical sun and others were carted off into mass graves."You may see a lot of very angry people, you may see some people looting, you may see some people doing and saying some things you don't like."
Machete-wielding looters were bringing more terror to the Caribbean nation already long accustomed to violence and bloodshed, as anger and frustration mounted after Haitians were left mostly fending for themselves for three days.
Clinton, the United Nations special envoy for Haiti, made a fresh appeal for donations, saying he and aid agencies "can take your 10 dollars and put it with the 10 dollars of millions of other people and immediately turn it into food, medicine shelter and clean water, and distribute it."

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