Saturday, March 6, 2010

Chile rattled by strong aftershocks as UN chief visits

TALCA, Chile-Three strong aftershocks on Friday spread new fears among Chileans traumatized by a huge quake and tsunami, while visiting UN chief Ban Ki-moon pledged 10 million dollars in emergency aid.
The Navy meanwhile sacked the head of the Oceanography Service, saying he had failed to provide a clear warning of the killer tsunami which followed Saturday's 8.8-quake, as criticism grew of the official disaster response.
A first 6.2-magnitude aftershock jolted people awake at 6:20 am (0920 GMT), Friday just six days after the quake which, along with the tsunami, left more than 800 people dead and some two million homeless.
That was followed by a 6.8-magnitude tremor -- one of the strongest of more than 200 to rattle Chile since the weekend -- and another measuring 6.6....
Picture Left:Residents wash clothes in a street in Concepcion, Chile.(AFP/Evaristo Sa)

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