Monday, April 19, 2010

Dubai's businessmen itching to get back to the UAE

Being stranded in a foreign country away from one's loved ones for an indefinite period of time due to unforeseen circumstances is bad enough, but it becomes worse if you have a 10-month-old baby waiting for you to return home, if you have to spend your birthday alone or have to miss a wedding anniversary.Emirates Business spoke to some residents of Dubai stranded in different parts of the world due to the volcanic ash cloud that shows no sign of abating to find out how they are dealing with this forced separation from home and family.Prabissh Thomas, Managing Director, PTL Solar, who is stuck in Frankfurt, said: "I came here on April 11 for the Light and Building Exhibition and was due to return home on the 15th. However, my flight got cancelled and I am stuck here for the past three days."I want to go back to Dubai before the 21st as it is my eighth wedding anniversary and I don't want to miss that. Also I have three small children aged between three and one and I miss them. I talk to them on the phone everyday and also see them via webcam, but that is not enough. I really miss them and my wife."

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