Monday, April 19, 2010

Iceland Volcano Ash Coming to America

The latest Volcanic Ash Advisory from London's weather office shows clouds of volcanic ash stretching across the Atlantic Ocean.
(Met Ofice)
Millions of tons of ash from a volcano in Iceland that have grounded planes across Europe is traveling towards North America, government officials report.
The latest satellite projections from the U.K.'s Met Office, which monitors volcanic eruptions as part of a global network of Ash Advisory Centers, show the ash cloud already reaching as far as Newfoundland, explained Bob Syvret, a forecaster for the agency.
"The latest graphics that we've issued suggest that the tail end of the plume might just get into the far east of the Newfoundland area," he told breathe easier, travellers: "It doesn't look a risk for North America" at this point, said Syvret, adding that the cloud would "probably stop around the Newfoundland area, and then move north into Greenland."
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed the report from the Met Office, noting that the Met's projections "do show an extension westward across the North Atlantic."

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