Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yellowstone Super Volcano Alert

YELLOWSTONE SPECIAL ALERT--(01.23.2010)USGS reports well over a thousand earthquakes within the last 7 days, four of which rattled Yellowstone National Park.
Yellowstone National Park spokesman Al Nash says people reported feeling the Wednesday quakes at the park locations of Old Faithful, Canyon and Mammoth and in the Montana towns of West Yellowstone and Gardiner.
The University of Utah Seismograph Station speculates that the swarms of earthquakes are probably the result of slipping preexisting faults rather than underground movement of magma. However faults are not know to produce non-stop earth quake activity lasting for weeks on end. Only underground magma on the move can do that, as the quakes are all concentrated inside Yellowstone Park rather than along a fault line running hundreds of miles in length. (Go figure....)
Since no one in recorded history knows the warning signs of a super volcano about to erupt, obviously it's anyone's guess. Just know that if these quakes continue, it's advised that anyone within a 400 mile radios may want to find somewhere else to stay for a while until the ground stops moving in Yellowstone. Note. In 2006 President Bush jr. mandated that the USGS not talk to the public about the state of Yellowstone. Obviously the public is to be kept in the dark as Obama had not rescinded the order.
Satellite imagery, GPS stats, and a whole bunch of other data definitely suggest that Yellowstone could very well be in trouble soon. Like the park floor has gone UP 8 inches in the last few months, while the surrounding area has dropped.
FYI: In 2007 Bush issued a gag warning to all USGS employees not to talk to the public about Yellowstone until Bush could sensor any new DATA. Go figure...!


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